The old city in Stockholm

Old Town STHLM

This is a photo from The Old City. Until 1980 officially called The Town between the Bridges, it is the old town of Stockholm, Sweden.

  1. Just spent a week in Stockholm and this must be Gamla Stan: Well captured

  2. superb…this is my kind of street scene…love it!!

  3. Wonderful lines and visual depth in this quaint, narrow passage – the light leads the eye!

  4. very nice, i like the long lead in!

  5. I love exploring these sort of narrow by-ways. Wonderful shot.

  6. What I see here Stockholm must be very beautiful. I like small streets.

  7. Så fint det är i Gamla Stan!

  8. This beautiful scene could be from a bygone century. I like these old towns very much.

  9. Interesting, it looks like a city of south of europe, like Spain or Italy.

  10. very nice narrow street. i think it fits perfectly for a peaceful walk.

  11. Gamla Stan. Have walked these streets myself, but it seems like a lifetime ago. I love this capture, you really nailed the feel and mood of the place.

  12. Gamla Stan. Have walked these streets myself, but it seems like a lifetime ago. I love this capture, you really nailed the feel and mood of the place.

  13. I feel I\'m walking down this street.
    Thank you for visiting my photoblog.

  14. This is gorgeous.

  15. This is gorgeous! I like the yellow/orange contrasted with the black, the old street, and the people at the top.

  16. Such a nice lane. Love the colors and the perspective.

  17. Great realization, admirable!

  18. Love narrow, winding streets like this – but this one looks like it might get tricky in a heavy downpour !

  19. Gorgeous image – the color, the perspective, all of it.

  20. oh the history of that little street.
    what a great shot.

  21. this is lovely! great shot!

  22. I just love how a photograph can make a street feel so narrow 🙂

  23. Wow…looks like a great place!

  24. A very strong shot for its vertical elements. Nice detail and color. What an interesting looking place.

  25. Wonderful perspective! Love the yellow walls

  26. Great street shot . BEautiful . Love to see these people entering the scene !

  27. Excellent point of view and lovely colors!Superb capture.

  28. Very nice little street.

  29. These streets of Old Town are what I loved most about Stockholm, Frida, when I was there a few years back. Once you see them, you recognize them anywhere. In your hands, they\'re a treat!

  30. Wonderful snap!

  31. Looks like an uphill climb. I\'d love to walk streets like these. I could view them in photos all day.

  32. Very neat street scene. Love the lines of the bricks and road.

  33. love these old streets, cool shot

  34. Åh nu längtar jag till o flanera på stan med kameran! Det var sååå länge sen.

  35. Beautiful catch.

  36. A nice and narrow street. At first I thought is was in Italy!

  37. What a spectacular image. Your composition is so well done but I love how crisp the details are — excellent work.

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