A fading queue

Fading Queue

Jonas Peterson, Brisbane Wedding Photographer
He is a Swedish guy from Gothenburg who now resides in Brisbane Australia. He formerly worked in advertising and was very successful.

After meeting his girlfriend they moved from Melbourne to Sydney and after having a son he changed his views on everything. As a new Australian citizen he now has moved to Brisbane were his girlfriends family are horse farmers.

He is now preparing for a new adventure/work as a photographer.
You can find him here Jonas Peterson Brisbane, Wedding Photographer

  1. Tack, Frida.


  2. Just a way to say thanks for the fun reading and all the inspiring pictures on his Swedish blog for some years 🙂

  3. Frida! Why are you telling us about Jonas? I think I\'m missing the connection to YOU! But, he sure picked a great city. We were there this past April and LOVED it. And this image here…it reminds me of luninaries along the side of a path!

  4. I really love this image. Great contrast between the colors.
    Superb work!

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