Abundance of food for the roe deer.

Roe Deer
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  1. oh this is great ! have you been waiting a long time to do this shot ? i tried this a few times but i've never seen a "bambi" ~

  2. hoho…!
    nice concept and idea…
    trap on the farm.

  3. Splendid composition

  4. What a beautiful and unusual shot. I love the texture of the wheat, the colors and the way you\'ve composed this.

  5. Yes, that\'s a beautiful photo.

  6. Fabulous. this is so unusual and beautiful.

  7. Hey, really nice, it seems to be swimming throw this plants!

  8. nice one!

  9. An amazing capture. This is just beautiful. Definitely a \"wow\" factor.

  10. A real beauty – and so nicely captured! The surroundings are great!
    Observing wild life like this gives you a special feeling, must have been a moment to remember!

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