Geotrupes stercorarius – Tordyvel


Geotrupes stercorarius – Tordyvel can’t be found in America but there is a cousin that is called June Bug in the USA.
When exposed to light or sun it has an amazingly dark blue metallic colour.

  1. Splendid macro Frida 🙂

  2. Interesting frida. Very good close-up of him. He looks as if he\'s wearing built in armor. 🙂

  3. Awesome closeup

  4. Frida, sensational … realy perfect macro

  5. I\'m loving your macro shots… superb!

  6. Hello, I like how do you capture the minimum detaill, fantastic close up!

  7. Amazing!!! Totally creeps me out..but it is truly a wonderful capture.

  8. The metallic blue tones are incredible. This guy looks like an armored insect. Awesome macro shot. excellent details and clarity.

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