I am safe on this side… I think!

The Bull

This is something completely different to what I usually publish. But one shouldn’t get stuck in old habits 😉 I don’t think he look too dangerous, but on the other hand the fence doesn’t look too stable either.

  1. Great portrait! like the country walks capturing thiese lovely scenes…

  2. What a fine looking Hereford bull. He is gorgeous. Never trust a bull. Sometimes an owner can buffalo one into thinking they aren\'t the boss, but not typically in an open field. Although he may be a little young or gentle because that\'s not much of a fence holding him. Nice capture:-)

  3. Trying new things; something I must also do:-) It\'s a beautiful animal & photo.

  4. I did try delicious but all I got was a white jumble. I think the problem is that it won\'t run properly on Pixelpost v1.7.1

  5. Hi:
    I just started a new photoblog site that also uses Pixelpost. I have not been able to find a template similar to the one that you are using. Did you have it custom built.? If so, I would be interested in buying the package. Imitation is the best form of flattery. 🙂

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