Pearls on a string…

Pearls on a string

Pearls on a string

  1. WOW! What a precious and perfectly done capture! The details of the water drops on a spidernet are amazingly beautiful and crisp! Hypnotizing!

  2. Wow! Amazing capture! You made my day =)

  3. Very very well done macro…clearly and nice composed!

  4. Nature\'s beautiful abstraction. Stunning!

  5. Wonderful shot. Great details and perfect focus.

  6. wow 🙂

  7. This is extremely impressing!!!!!!!!!
    Sharp, good DOF, lots of details, nice cropping – and a nice poem to go with it!
    Excellent work!

  8. One of you best images Frida, excellent 🙂

  9. A beauty! I have tried this many times but it never quit worked out… Well done!!

  10. Beautiful Frida. Such beauty in nature.

  11. Helt otroligt snyggt! Fokus mitt i prick, läckert!

  12. Wonderful shot. Great details and balanced colors. One of the best web I see on the web!

  13. Wow, that\'s a superb close up; and I like your title too 😉

  14. WOW… beautiful detail! Amazing the web can hold that amount of weight.

  15. WOW! Perfect title…an an absolutely spectacular image. Takes my breath away!

  16. One word: GREAT!

  17. Your work is absolutely amazing, I love the detaill on this close up.

  18. That\'s totaly beautiful!

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous. I\'ve never seen anything so perfectly designed. Wonderful capture.

  20. That is a stunningly beautiful shot.

  21. The title is very appropriate. Probably the best shot of water droplets on a web that I have ever seen. Outstanding job!

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