Toys that are forgotten…


  1. I love the red in this picture.

  2. Cool. The red against the muted background makes a strong impact. Great mood.

  3. I love the poem. It\'s the way I feel about my kids…even the two who are grown.

    Your image is very interesting. I was surprised to see two wheel barrows and the one looks like it\'s missing a wheel. Then I wondered why if one was unusable why someone would get a second one of the same kind. I wonder about too much stuff:-) Love this composition, especially the painted black structures.

    *Frida says*
    We have twin boys and they loved to \"work\" out in the garden of our summer cottage when they were younger. These wheelbarrows have been standing behind the tool shed for some years now.

  4. I LOVE wheelbarrows, Frida. That\'s what I first saw, of course. Handprints? I\'d like to love them more and not always think they need to be wiped off!

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