Can you see the wolf?


I can see the face of a wolf in this. What do you see??

  1. I love this – the contrast and imagery is really unique, and yes, I see a big, bad wolf too!

  2. Frida … that looks so amazing … good eye

  3. I wouldn\'t have noticed it if you hadn\'t pointed it out. You must have been mesmerized by the fire and stared at it for a very long time to notice that. Exceptional capture.

  4. I think I do. Interesting shot of glowing coals under ashes. Must have been a big fire! Most people become bored watching a fire by the time it reaches this stage. Good you hung around to take some photos!

  5. Yes, I do see it. Alarming & fantastic at the same time.

  6. Creepy, it looks like a fire is bruin under the snow!

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