Thorns and Berries


The Tree of Scarlet Berries
The rain gullies the garden paths
And tinkles on the broad sides of grass blades.
A tree, at the end of my arm, is hazy with mist.
Even so, I can see that it has red berries,
A scarlet fruit,
Filmed over with moisture.
It seems as though the rain,
Dripping from it,
Should be tinged with colour.
I desire the berries,
But, in the mist, I only scratch my hand on the thorns.
Probably, too, they are bitter.

~Amy Lowell

  1. Gorgeous colors! I love the blurring of the background as a backdrop to the crisp detail.

  2. I\'ve been so behind I\'m meeting myself coming and going. You\'ve posted so many beautiful images since I visited. My bad:-) Love the berries.

  3. Love the colours here. A crisp autumn feeling.

  4. In addition to the brightly colored berries it appears to have a few thorns. It\'s very pretty. Fantastic photo.

  5. Wonderful and elegant composition, really nice close up of the autum nature

  6. I thank you for visiting my photoblog and for commenting on several images.
    Anita 🙂

  7. I like the words you put with this image. They look enticing so I figure they\'re poisonous:-) Beautiful image.

  8. fascinating colors and I like depth in this shot.

  9. Stunning colors. Love how you\'ve strung the berries diagonally across the frame.

  10. Frida, perfect DOF and amazing background

  11. Beautiful simplistic image that is elegantly composed. Love the red berries and the selective focus. Very artistic image.

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