Out of reach

Out of reach
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  1. So fresh and alluring – makes be want to take a bite!

  2. I like the bright colors and the fantastic light in this picture. Very nice capture.

  3. Underbart vacker höstbild. Man kan känna doften! Jag tröstar mig med att fåglarna kan äta de äpplen jag inte hunnit med eller nått.

  4. Autum is here! without doubts… great close up

  5. Fantastic array of greens behind the perfect apples. Stunning photo.

  6. So perfect. I like how there are two apples together and centered so nicely. Beautiful image.

  7. Beautiful. I can almost reach out and touch them.

  8. The red apples and contrasting leaves make a perfect composition. This reminds me of a painting, very creative. A beautiful autumn picture.

  9. Aaah yes. Apple season. Love the colors and composition. Very nice!

  10. \"Förbjuden frukt smakar alltid bäst.\" Härlig bild på höstäpplen.

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