1 carat embedded diamond from the nature.

1 Carat
  1. very interesting macros you have. I will have an eye on your blog.

  2. Beautiful macro with optimal DOF!

  3. I love this macro!!

    nice dew!

  4. This gorgeous drop of water seems to be held in place by the evergreen. Lovely.

  5. Beautiful droplet \'grasped\' by the pine needles! Really like the isolation with the shallow depth of field.

  6. Mavelous ! just perfect ! in my collection vfxy !

  7. Being great lovers of macro shots, we have to say; this is amazing and very well done!
    An unusual composition with great sharpness, colors and motif.
    Great job!

  8. Impressive macro! Perfect in evry way!

  9. Lovely macro! Very nice composition!

  10. You have such a natural talent.

    This is exquisite

  11. Vilken fantastisk bild!! Jag blir mållös, så vacker att det känns i själen.

  12. Well done Frida! Specially like the DoF you chose!!

  13. Stunning photo. A perfect drop at the bottom.

  14. Oooh so very delicate. Nice!

  15. what a piece of art, great the way the flower holds the drop

  16. What an impressive capture. It\'s one you can stare at and become mesmerized. I love it.

  17. Beautiful macro and details.

  18. Wow, so delicate! Great eye, capture of a precious droplet, and processing.

  19. Wonderful how you \"catched\" the waterdrops.

  20. Wonderful droplet pending from a Rosmarinus hand… Well done

  21. Frida .. that\'s for me a masterpiece!!

  22. Uhm, really beautiful, I like it so much!

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