A misty morning… in my boat.

Misty Boat

A misty morning, he takes out the boat one last time. It will soon be winter and he can not wait for next summer.

  1. There is a really lonely feeling in this one, because it seems like he is sailing into the unknown..

  2. This is a great shot…

  3. Yes, I agree, a great shot indeed! Something we don\'t often see!!

  4. It\'s already been said…mood, high-key, framing…you nailed it.

  5. I really like this one. A little journey into the unknown as the pilot heads straight into mystery of the misty horizon. Nice job!

  6. I like 🙂 Looks very fresh and cold.

  7. Brrr… he looks cold! I like the perspective and the action.

  8. Lovely tones and a beautiful composition. Like the angle and view. Excellent capture.

  9. Amazing how the boat seems to be barely touching the water. What amazing design.
    You didn\'t really take this while water skiing did you?

  10. Fantastic with the \"highkey\" horizon. Very nice work.

  11. Ah, the freedom of the open sea, man and boat in pefect harmony. A feeling of power and speed. That final journey, so sad

    Beautifully captured

  12. What an unusual shot, I like the lonelyness thinking about…. makes me dream. Regards Frida

  13. Wow Frida, this is perfect .. amazing shot

  14. When this opened my first thought was, \"Wonder where she was standing?\" Well done. Very nice capture.

  15. He\'s speeding off the page, Frida! I love the perspective.

  16. Nice soft colors…contrasting the clarity of the man in his boat. Sad to see the end of boating season…

  17. Very nice Frida. I really like the subdued color… and the composition is perfect. Nicely photographed.

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