The Emerald Swift – Green Spiny Lizard – Sceloporus malachiticus

  1. Beautiful colors! I suppose the lizard was little. 🙂

  2. I can feel the roughness!

  3. Impressive shot of this unique looking lizard. Love the details and great background.

  4. WOW! He\'s a beauty. Love the soft color and detail. Very nice!

  5. Today you are (with this picture) talking about the struggle for life, my favourite philosophy of living. Congratulatios.

  6. Wow, stunning lizard! Great capture!

  7. Superb detail Frida,

  8. Absolutely stunning, what a handsome creature, so prehistoric looking. Superb clarity and detail

  9. Magnificent & beautiful lizard. It\'s fantastic how they grip onto anything finding their way. Fantastic capture.

  10. amazing closeup .. well done

  11. nice shot! where was this taken? surely not found outside where you live!

  12. Excellent capture what kind of lizard is it ?

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