Frasse The Cat


Have a nice weekend and Advent Sunday.

  1. Very nice portrait. The eye in shadow is unexpected, makes the picture more interesting.

  2. Beautiful BW portrait of this cat. Lovely.

  3. Fantastic portrait of a pretty cat.

  4. I like how the kitty stands out from the dark background. She looks regal.

  5. Hope you had a nice sunday too. Talk about looking content. Excellent bw capture.

  6. Is this your cat? It\'s gorgeous. They always have a way of finding a spot in the sunlight.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous cat

  8. What would life be without our cats… A beautiful photo of Frasse. 🙂

  9. My cat looks at me like that all the time. 🙂

  10. What a cutie. A lovely portrait

  11. Wonderful portrait! Beautiful b/w and lovely cat!

  12. Min Frazze (den gula galna bevingade) hade inte gillat att trĂ€ffa din Frasse. 😉

    TÀnkte jag skulle berÀtta för dig att min kamera har gÄtt sönder. Kan ju vara bra att du Àr uppmÀrksam pÄ din. Det Àr power knappen som sagt upp sig. Den gÄr alltsÄ inte att sÀtta pÄ. *morr* Tur Àr att det hÀnde 1 vecka före garantitiden gÄr ut. Ska Äka o lÀmna in den imorrn.
    Ha den bÀsta av helger!

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