Look closer…

Look Closer

Everything isn’t what it seems

  1. It looks so real – would not have guessed it was a replica. I can image all the nests would be a very neat tourist attraction.

  2. It certainly had me fooled, that\'s amazing. A lovely photograph, and rather a neat idea fos the tourists.

    I\'ve learned something new this morning, many thanks

  3. Fågelbon är väl fina! Jag hittade ett riktigt ett i rännan på baksidan idag 🙂 Kraaam!

  4. Very interesting! I like it!

  5. Perfect sharpness … great work

  6. So sweet. Fantastic species. How did you ever capture them in the nest? Stunning photograph!

  7. I really love the tenderness of this shot! Everything talks about home and care…

  8. I tried leaving a comment earlier this morning, Frida, but it said it was considered spam. Let\'s see if THIS one takes.

    I see what you have said to Philip…and I was gonna say it reminded me of the fake nests we have at Easter time, so I guess I was partly right. I was wondering where you were perched to capture it! 🙂

  9. Newly hatched Chick is the best I can do HELP!

    Hi Philip, it\'s a bird’s nest all right but it’s a fake one. It\'s part of a feature we have in our town called idea gardens. Different businesses can decorate and plant their version of a garden or kitchen garden. It’s a very popular tourist attraction.
    Take care!

  10. Ah! a bird tending to it\'s nest and eggs love it Great Shot !!

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