The old tree house

Tree House

When I was looking trough and sorting old photos I found this one.  It’s the boys tree house, they are to big for it now so it was dismantled last summer. It was a really nice house up in the trees.


  1. So nice windows and well built !!!! Grey wood is beautiful.

  2. Very nice treehouse, lucky kids. Nice bit of light also. Very well captured. You have a great TC!

  3. A wonderful little house to play, watch, dream – not only for boys 🙂

  4. Awesome tree house!

  5. very beautiful wood house, nice framing …

  6. I had a smaller version of one of these when I was a kid…it was great!

  7. Nice postprocess, i like light.

  8. The wood house of my dreams! and you find it! Great….

  9. Wow, it\'s a real house up in the trees! That is terrific. 🙂

  10. It doesnt look old. 🙂

  11. Woow a treehouse! And very professionally done. I once broke my leg, constructing one of those things. Lovely light.

  12. This looks nothing like the tree houses from when we were kids. Ours looked more like nests.
    Fun capture.

  13. What a special place this must have been for them…and it\'s a real tree \'house\'!!!! Lucky kids..happy memories!!!

  14. Lucky kids. I would have loved a place like that as a kid. Whoever built it used a good imagination and had some skill.

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