Whats the story behind… I wonder?

Utöhus Window
  1. Fantastic colors speckled throughout this photo. Makes me wonder what\'s on the other side of the window.

  2. We love door and window photos! This is great – strong colors and contrast, the visible sign of age, the history –
    Great job!

  3. I forgot to say I had a wonderful time at Longwood Conservatory and am posting one of the images on Wednesday.

  4. Very nice. Fabulous colors! I like the simplicity.

  5. Hi Frida, I love this kind of pictures, about the country, other ages… very nice the detail on window, the warm colors on wall… the crop. All.

  6. it\'s interesting to see how the window has been put into what appears to be an old brick framework within a stone building. I like the gentle decay too

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