Taxinge Church

Taxinge Church
  1. What a beautiful window! Lovely composition and colour!

  2. Wonderfull framed this detaill, nicely coulored, great work again about a nice old-construction.

  3. Framing and symmetry spot on Frida 🙂

  4. Your framing of the circular window is perfect. The numbers give it a bit of a gothic look. Stunning photo.

  5. Impressive shot Frida. Love the symmetry and the framing, along with the excellent details.

  6. Nice cropping and textures.

  7. Beautiful structure…such ornate details. Nice one.

  8. From a time when craftsmanship existed, and quality and architectural strength triumphed over corner cutting and form and function.

    Beautiful brickwork, and ornate patterning. Gorgeous

  9. A hundred years later I graduated from high school! Do they make things like this now???!!!!!

  10. Stunning detail. Love the colors and composition.

  11. Frida, perfect framing

  12. I love this! In the coming weeks, you\'ll see lots of architecture shots from me on Wednesdays. I went with something different this week.

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