Enough of tools and other mechanical stuff, and back to soft shapes and colors. This is from early June I think and I was playing with things that were lying on the garden table.

  1. Interesting subject. The bright colors are a nice contrast on the dull wood table. I like this one a lot

  2. what so colorfull..

    liek it!

  3. Very nice idea.

  4. This is quite nice and a very classic shot. But I would have liked to see a wider range colored crayons!

  5. Very nice image Frida. I like the composition and softness to the colors.

  6. Love the colors. A simply wonderful composition. Very nice!

  7. Wonderful detail and close up! Beautifully composed as well.

  8. Superb closeup – I like the colors on the brown wood.

  9. Lovely colour and composition!

  10. A favorite one for me. I so like this photograph.

  11. I can\'t believe you waited so long to post this. It\'s exceptional.

  12. Fantastic closeup

  13. Good job for this excellent macro ! Well done !

  14. j\'adore ces détails ainsi

  15. They look like flourescent marker pens. Nice against the texture of the wood

  16. A classic! The color sticks. Love the texture on the table. Magic markers?

  17. Underbart fotografi, vackra färger

  18. I had the same questions as Turnbill, Frida. I like the colors!

  19. So what are these things? Marker pens? Tubes of lipstick? Nice macro shot!

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