Last one left

  1. Beautifully done… the grey tones are very strong and the shallow d.o.f. is spot on

  2. good!
    I love your b/w….

    nice tomatto… ;D

  3. I admire the dof and greyscale. You have my vote on several sites listed. I\'m a new fan.

  4. great background for the subject

  5. Your lonely rosehip provided a lovely image!

  6. des fois les photos sont aussi des poésies. c'est le cas ici

  7. I like this. I wouldn't for a moment have thought about presenting this picture as a mono, but it works so very well

  8. A fantastic snap! The tomato reminds me of a head with a hat:-)

  9. Superb capture !

  10. Great reminder that not even roses are eternal; plus, it's nice to see all phases and facets of life. More importantly that you are motivated to go out exploring as well as sharing. I've been bogged down in other projects and been very much uninspired to blog myself. Thanks for the motivating post!

  11. Love the BW processing, quite an interesting image. Great DOF and very unique composition.

  12. I like the way it resists to winter, great in b&w

  13. Pin sharp, Frida, and totally idyllic. Let it cheer you up!

  14. The absence of colors makes it even more simple. Beautiful.

  15. Ah yes, this is wonderful and very much Van Gough like!!

  16. The cycle of life and death, and the beauty even in demise works so splendidly here.

    Mono is stark and perfect for this image. Superb clarity and detail, a terrific photograph

  17. Very impressive capture…I like it in greyscale.

  18. Nice juxtaposition between new and old, fresh and stale, life and death…….etc. Good work.

  19. Nice shot, simple and a bit melancholy. We've had similar weather (though with a bit more daylight then you're now getting). Time to start trying some time exposures!

  20. Yes lovely DOF. Glad you managed to find the last rosehip for us. The two others are not quite up for it. Hopefully they'll help the birds throught the winter. The fact that you made this a bw, fits the time of year perfectly.

  21. Perfectly simple. Love the b&w processing.

  22. Beautiful shot and great DOF. 🙂

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