Nisse the cat


Nisse the cat was the coolest cat I have ever met. He was so devoted to all the people around him. Sadly he was found dead today in a ditch about 25meters from his home. Someone has run him over and left him lying there. My daughter rang and asked for help so I went there to help her take care of him.
He had a id-mark and yet they failed to contact anyone about the accident. I have a few words to say to them that isn’t suitable for this photoblog but I guess you know what I mean!

  1. I\'m sorry to read about this beautiful animal that brought happiness to those who loved him. Your image captured an endearing, sweet expression….

  2. Very cute cat!

  3. Oh, so sorry to learn this about Nisse. The destroyer would probably be one of those in a hit and run against a person too.

  4. Soo cute, a cat who reads the newspaper, a very intelligent cat 🙂

  5. Nice cat picture. Very alert. Very sorry to hear about the accident.

  6. sadly it reminds me another cat we used to call Amedeo who did the same cruel end. it was considered as one of us.

  7. What a beautiful cat and such a horrible end. People can be so cruel and thoughtless.

  8. So cruel; so sad. He was beautiful.

  9. So tragic! He looks like he was so \"knowing\" of everything around him.

  10. So sorry to learn the fate of this sweet kitty. Kudos to your daughter for doing the right thing. Shame on those criminals…

  11. Really a cool cat! I\'m very sorry to read what happened, some people just won\'t respect life…

  12. Oh my goodness! That\'s just awful.

    So sorry to hear that, as a cat owner all my life. The only consolation when we lose our little furry loved ones is that they were well looked after and loved whilst with us.

    A lovely photo, just so sad the news

  13. A very cute pet shot! 🙂

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