1. Really great tones, texture and details!

  2. Amazing texture and detail! Beautiful capture!

  3. Hello Frida. I like this strong contrast on the textures, gives to the composition an aged spirit, and aged expression. Regards.

  4. Fabulous detail and textures, so beautifully observed

  5. amazing contrasts and textures .. great job Frida

  6. Nice shot! Looks like the transom of a small boat, but the nail heads seem too large. Perhaps an old planter? Doesn\'t really matter – wonderful details.

  7. Whoa! This is really cool. The way the paint comes off – wickedly detailed. Great stuff!

  8. i\'m very enthusiast about this shoot. amazing details and post-processing effort. the texture in b&w with just some spots of color.. it\'s perfect. congrats.

  9. Very nicely aged =P Love the textures captured here.

  10. Perfect texture. you\'ve chosen the perfect angle to take the photo, I like very much the crossed line !!

  11. Nice one, beautiful details..

  12. Excellent detail. Love the textures..the colors..the layers of peeling paint. Great eye!

  13. I love these interesting textures and the beautiful colors.

  14. I love the texture and brightness here.

  15. Well capture frida; your \'eye\' and technique are improving all the time. 🙂

  16. i like a lot all those texures! and the nuances of color with that oldish paint are also really cool.

  17. Whoa, what a capture. The details are incredible.

  18. Interesting textures and colors.

  19. Very good details.

  20. The textures are really nice. Great submission for Photo Friday.

  21. superb black and white with a color touch, really I like

  22. Nice work with textures Frida. The angle is perfect on this. 🙂

  23. I like this close up very much. Great weathered textures.

  24. Beautiful textures and colors.

  25. Wow, excellent detail and texture. Well spotted and well captured.

  26. I like how decay has given a mood to this object. The hues of colours are delicate and interesting. Nice one

  27. Even though it shows some age and weathering — it appears pretty solid to me 🙂
    It\'s fascinating to see the various shades of paint that have protected it through the seasons – just needs a good scrubbing and fresh coat for the winter to last many more years!

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