Stop and read! Santa is in Sweden right now.


During my usual tour around our small town I got word that Santa was in town. After searching for a while I found him. Not the best photo tough but I’m new at this paparazzi thing 😉

  1. A great Christmas fan, who lives there.
    I like it more dezent.

  2. haha stiligt, en del vet då hur det ska pyntas 🙂

  3. This is festive with a fun, quirky feel to it. Very nice!

  4. Oh my, that\'s ugly! I guess I\'d assumed this kind of thing was only common here in the US.

  5. This is a terrific capture of Santa in his sleigh – and he\'s even waving at us!

  6. paparazzi:-) Very festive capture. Even though I\'ve decorated it doesn\'t seem like it should be time yet.

  7. Terrific xmas image. Love the color and light!

  8. Glædelig Jul Frida, til dig og hele din familie 🙂 This certainly is xmas. Love the lights 🙂

  9. the decorations are so perfect that the house itself looks like a toy.
    .. by the way i wonder how much he takes (Santa Claus) to arrive in Italy ! 😉

  10. Og god jul til dig!! 🙂 This one really oozes christmas!

  11. That\'s quite an elaborate christmas decoration. With Santa and all 🙂

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