1. Neat desolated avenue – go towards the light!

  2. A great atmospere, like the mood.

  3. Phenomenal this old-processing. A wonderful winter view.

  4. I like the mood in this one, but the low contrast makes it seem a bit flat in my eyes!

  5. Nice perspective !

  6. Amazing shot. Love the tones, the mood. I look forward to your Wednesday photos.

  7. Wonderful composition. Especially love the quality of lght.

  8. Another great one…

  9. Nice processing on this. Was this handheld or did you use a tripod?

  10. The perspective, geometry and lighting are exception, as John Maslowski suggests above. This is the sort of photo I enjoy finding, or taking myself.

  11. Oooo….I like the mystery in this capture.

  12. The perspective and lighting are exceptional. Great tones, like the mood generated in this image. Outstanding work composing this shot.

  13. It\'s definitely enticing, Frida!

  14. Latest from the dark / / Beautiful atmosphere // Regards from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia //

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