1. I like this datail…you have great eyes 🙂

  2. Great shot, it gives you kind of a eerie feeling.

  3. Wonderful framing with nice textures and details !

  4. Nice! Ordlös onsdag..

  5. very interesting details of an simply object…

  6. Wow, what a capture. You\'ve filled the frame perfectly.

  7. Nice framing .. and wonderfull blues

  8. I like this kind of images. Good composition and nice processing.

  9. Somewhat of an abstract. The way the chain just touches the water is a good attribute in this photo.

  10. Great tones, beautiful composition…

  11. Oooh this is beautiful. Water images such as this always makes it shiver down my spine. The blue light makes the image delicate.

  12. HÀftig lite brutal bild. Den Àr cool pÄ nÄgot sÀtt.

  13. Hmm, a story here. Somewhat ominous? Nice shot.

  14. Bilden vÀcker kÀnslor, hos mig en ödslig kÀnsla.

  15. Wonderful picture, the cold tones makes it a winter shot indeed, great detaill.

  16. I always look forward to coming here…never disappointed. Another great shot!

  17. mycket fin bild!!!

  18. Snyggt! Det ser ut som en bÄtplats. HÀr skulle jag inte vilja bada.

  19. I am drawn to images like this.
    The small things that we often overlook but have so much to say — and stir the imagination. The subtle ripple created by the clip. But, what is the clip\'s purpose? To hold a minnow bucket? To fasten a boat? And then my mind goes to why is the pier tilting? What fish life is below the surface? Will one come up to nibble?
    Terrific, challenging photograph!

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