Crystal bright

  1. Javga is right…this shot is stunning!

  2. Very, very nice… No, stunning, that\'s the word, stunning!

  3. Wow. Nice ice crystals. Clear as glass.

  4. So many little details here Frida, Very nice capture. 🙂

  5. Beautiful detail on the unique ice crystals – I also like the gradient white to shade transition.

  6. Just amazing,Beautiful.:)

  7. Love it how you captured the ice cristals, great detail. Well done!

  8. Fantastic photograph. Capturing ice gives some great results.

  9. Iskristaller i nÀrbild.. sÄ himla vackert att man nÀstan smÀlter:-) /Pialotta

  10. Great crystals.

  11. WOW! Fatastisk! =)

  12. Det var en jÀtte fin vinter bild!

  13. What a wonderful picture/Boel

  14. Underbart fin bild, jag kan inte ta ögonen i frÄn den. Mvh marie

  15. i like these shapes, and the play of light from side to side.

  16. Amazing clarity. This is spectacular.

  17. The detail of ice and snow always amazes me, well captured.

  18. Beautiful shot, just amazing!

  19. Wonderful ice detail!! Great shot Frida! Love it!

  20. This is a look into another world. Beautiful.
    Happy New Year.

  21. Snyggt nytt tema o andlös bild.

  22. Frida, realy great shot .. sonderfull details

  23. Like a rare and precious gem stone from an unknown galaxy. This is utterly divine

  24. Kryptonite, Frida??? 🙂

  25. Stunning ice detail. WOW!

  26. Nice opening shot for the new year Frida.

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