Rework of image from january the 22nd

Longing for snow

Some of you suggested that I should try this image in Black and White. So here goes…..

  1. I am sitting here as the rain streams down my window…. have never lived in such a beautiful winter wonderland as this. I really like the graphic, line quality created by the b/w tones.

  2. So beautiful winterland! 🙂

  3. B&W works great on this one…

  4. I think I like this B&W one a bit better than the color version. It certainly has a colder feel. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Again a beautifull winter scenery. Well done!

  6. superbe !

  7. Thought I was having déjà vu – this is pristine in B+W too. Glad no one disturbed the snow in the intervening time after taking the color version! wink, wink 😉

  8. I didn\'t see the other one Frida, but I like this – it\'s so crisp, just like the air on a cold, frosty day

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