Tigerlily I

  1. I\'ve forgotten most of my flowering plant physiology, but I want to say, wow, that\'s a beautiful stamen!

  2. Wow, that orange background is a real attention grabber. Such great impact with such minimal subject matter. Nice one.

  3. Vilken häftig bild, den riktigt sprakar av skön energi 🙂

  4. Hi Frida, This is a wonderful background, with the vibrant orange around. Nice and evocating close up.

  5. Just excellent, great shallow dof, and the colours are wonderful.

  6. the color is so intense, like fire – wonderful shades of orange, red, yellow!!

  7. Stunning simplicity. WOW!

  8. There\'s a stunning elegance in this photo.

  9. Så häftig bild!

  10. Wow, a super-macro. I love the minimalism of it

  11. I like it.

  12. Oh, wow…if you hadn\'t title this I wouldn\'t have known what it was. This is incredible, Frida.

  13. Cool idea. What a stunning color!

  14. WoW! What a macro. Love the colors.

  15. I could get lost in that gorgeous color!

  16. That\'s totally gorgeous, like out of the world!

  17. A beautiful close up with appealing vivid colors and a sharpness I always like! Nice.

  18. Is that a stamen? a sticky stamen?

  19. You\'ve made a great work with dof, amazing background

  20. a w e s o m e !!!
    a flower like a fine art abstract.

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