At the race track

Race track

Hot Rod Reunion 2008 Malmby, Strängnäs.

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  1. Great shot and perspective Frida. Like the car and the expressions in the crowd.

  2. This is a cool car. Love the grainy look.

  3. Zoom Zoom!!

  4. Great car. You have managed to capture of feeling of the old times.

  5. A fine capture & very nice processing.

  6. Nice \'retro\' post-processing

  7. Cool car. The way you\'ve toned this is kinda monochromatic, retro indeed 🙂 I think it\'s great!

  8. Love the desaturated colors that give this a retro feel.

  9. Cool one. You could have shot it 50 years ago :))

  10. A timeless quality to the image, muted colours and a real sense of the action. A terrific photograph

  11. Neat shot. I like the little car.

  12. Go numero 7 – lucky seven obviously won the race – like the highlights of red as well as the spectators in the background – they look interesting in their own right!

  13. This looks a little wired, it looks like you have tried to make a black and white image but failed!

  14. Love the processing and quality of light. Great action shot!!!

  15. Nice desaturation. The car looks like a toy !

  16. Wow! What a classic! I had one of these when I was a kid (it was green plastic and about 3 inches long). Nice processing!

  17. That would be downright fun, Frida. Count me in the race. 🙂

  18. I like how you captured the drivers glance to the flagman/ Nice catch and like the desaturated colors to emphasize the flagman. Nice work.

  19. Beautiful car and treatment.

  20. Me encantan las carreras de coches y esta en particular tuvo que ser muy buena, buen trabajo con el procesado…saludos

  21. Nice one, beautiful post-processing…

  22. Desaturation really lifts this wonderful shot! Brilliant effect choice 🙂

  23. Realy cool … perfect captured Frida!!

  24. Really nice capture, Frida. I like the desaturation. Looks like a fun sport.

  25. Nice sport picture, wonderfully processed the soft colors. Cheers, see you soon!

  26. Wow, what an image. Indeed a Wordless Wednesday. The image is speaking for itself. Super job!

  27. sooo cooOLLL!!!

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