Ford from Hell


Detail from a rear fender of a Ford Hot Rod. Hot Rod Reunion 2008 Malmby, Strängnäs.

  1. Hell is the direction the auto industry seems headed too 😉
    I began commenting a couple of days ago and everything \'locked up\' once I hit on this image – fingers crossed I can move past! 😉

  2. Now here\'s something different. Cool capture!

  3. i\'d love to have a sticker like this on my car. I just wonder what my friends might think, i mean i\'d pay to see the expressions on their faces! so cool!

  4. Subtle

  5. Allahjärtanskram till dig!

  6. lol…what a find!

  7. Cool graphics to scare off rival Hot Rodders. Nicely captured

  8. that\'s very funny, but what\'s this? 🙂

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