Mr Woodpecker’s dinner table


It’s a Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius) their main food are ants and specially carpenter ants. The ants live in dead trees and the woodpecker can hear them and use their beak to chop holes like this to get to the ants. They also have very long tongues that are sticky on the top. They use it to catch the ants. It’s like winter storage of food 🙂

  1. What a beautifully composed image combined with all those colors and textures! Well done, Frida.

  2. Fascinating, and wow, the perspective makes it seem like a pterodactyl woodpecker made that hole at the base of the tree!

  3. Very informative Frida… and a good photo to go with the article. Nice work. 🙂

  4. Heh I think your woodpecker is trying to build a couple of condos in that tree. Wonderful Frida.

  5. Wow! Now that\'s what you call devestation. We get them in the woods next to us, and they are amaing birds. A fascinating shot

  6. Are you sure a woodpecker did this? isn\'t it a bit dangerous for such a small bird to work at the bottom of the tree?

    *Frida says*
    Hi Claus, It\'s a nature reserve and I didn’t see the bird but there were signs like this all over the three dead trees in that area. None so low like this that’s why it caught my eye.

  7. Fantastic details.

  8. what a hard work, stunning capt

  9. Woodpeckers är festliga fåglar *s* När vi bodde på landet (länge sen nu) så hade jag ett stort fågelbord för pippisarna med all möjlig mumma på. Sen satt jag vid köksbordet och tittade fashinerat på när den ena fina arten efter den andra dök upp. En som dök upp varje dag var Rudolf, en stor stilig hackspett med siktet inställt på nötpåsen. Oavsett hur jag satte fast den så lyckades han alltid dra iväg med hela, hahaha. Vi fick ett speciellt förhållande Rudolf och jag, delade samma slags humor *sss*

  10. great capture
    we have these woodpeckers around here also

  11. Oy, so low down?! But I have seen , they may do that.

  12. I didn\'t realize that what that was when I saw something similar — thanks for the info.

  13. How cute…that hole is almost shaped like a heart.

  14. must be a woodpecker with a drill!! that\'s some work 🙂

  15. A very interesting picture of a woodpecker\'s abilities!
    I like the close up view with its textures, color and detail. Nice one.

  16. Destructive little fellas aren\'t they? I thought maybe a beaver had been at work. Hope it doesn\'t kill this beautiful old tree.

  17. No woodpeckers here, too small an island to sustain this kind of pecking. Great image.

  18. What a messy eater he is 🙂 great shot

  19. Am I glad we don\'t have woodpeckers in Manila! Fantastic Odd Shot!

  20. Amazing to see that the woodpecker was pecking so close to the ground. Wonderful detail.

  21. Interesting that they\'re excavating so low down on the tree. The pileated woodpeckers in my neck of the world are very active right now – drumming and calling in the woods. Spring is in the air!

  22. Superb … must have been a very hungry woodpecker … Well done!

  23. Life signal here..he must be very hungry! nice find

  24. Nice photo. Appears that someon is cutting that tree down, little by little.

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