Relaxing in the sun

  1. How cute, and what a find! I would debate about the \'relaxing\' part, but I bet it would be warmer than in the frozen water.

  2. I like the green heads and orange feet. This is a pretty picture.

  3. Ha! That\'s good – it looks like they\'re all waiting for a bus!

  4. Nice picture. It looks like that man is the duck\'s keeper. And we all wait for spring to come.

  5. So many ducks – a beautiful moment in the sun. On my walks with Elroy I count often the ducks on the little pound in the parc. Apropos Konrad Lorenz, today I saw many grey gooses on the sky ….. spring can come.
    Greetings 🙂

  6. how lovely
    reminds me of Konrad Lorenz 🙂

  7. He must have food in his bag:-) This is so nice:-)

  8. Made me smile…made me laugh. Wonderful image!!!!

  9. Quack Quack

  10. A really super observation, as they wait in hope for some bread.

  11. a friend of ducks, great capt

  12. looks like they have nowhere else to go: the water must be froxen hard. good capture

  13. Wow, amazing portrait, beautiful captured! Congratulations!

  14. So, birds of a feather really DO flock together, I see. 🙂 How very charming. The man seems amused.

  15. Those ducks seems to be very friendly. Beautiful.

  16. A duck convention… 🙂 Great capture here Frida. 🙂

  17. Looks like he has some fans! 😉

  18. Oh, wow, Frida! What a fine capture. I\'ve never been close to a duck and would cherish the opportunity.

  19. Wonderfull scene from daily life, he\'s really enjoying the sun on his face (and the ducks too). A stranger in the group! Excellent composition and well noticed. Congrats Frida and you\'ve got my vot for the awards.

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