Road sign from the year of 1833

Road sign

1/2mil – 3.11 miles

  1. Wow, that\'s neat! 1/2 mil from where? Coincidentally, I just photographed \"Inscription Rock\", a big boulder in northern Maine, that was also inscribed in 1833.

  2. Very nice use of color here, it works very well for the subject matter.

  3. time elapses.. milestones remain. surprised how the elements havn\'t affected the writing, which still seems sharp.

  4. Time passes, no kM about then either Frida! Hope your\'e all keeping well, Chris

  5. Wow! 1833 and still standing strong! And now you\'ve immortalized it for as long as this photograph survives as well!

  6. Well toned and good sharpness .. you have the drive Frida

  7. Ancient rock. I wonder how they carved it in? Awesome picture.

  8. Perfect! Love the simplicity.

  9. wow, great
    I don\'t thing present road signs will survive this long 🙂

  10. I love the ancient details…thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. How neat – this would be ancient for my part of the world, but a mere blip of time for your country! Nonetheless, so glad it is still standing and protected. By the way, I thought y\'all converted to metric before this? 😉

  12. Incredible that it\'s still there like that. Love your capture and the sepia…yes, a perfect choice.

  13. Perfect in sepia, Frida!

  14. Characterful and timeless, a lovely observation, Frida. Your processing really enhances the subject matter

  15. Wonderfull, excellent choice of colors, it enhance the timeless factor of this picture. Well done!

  16. I like the use of native materials for this road sign. This sign is so much more appealing than uniform all-painted-alike signage used around here. Nice one.

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