The 10th of February 2009

February 10th
  1. Pretty \'frosting\' on the trees! And this is my kind of ski slope, but the tower in the background looks a little foreboding — especially if a ramp comes off of it at a 45 degree angle!

  2. Interesting photo. On the one hand, very traditional and nostalgic scene of a sledding part. And then there\'s that ominous water/meteorological/observation tower hovering in the background. Beautiful processing.

  3. NLO!

  4. Really nice. Awaiting warmer days !

  5. Great winter scene capture! Composition is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So cold, so desolated – even with all the playing people!
    Very beautiful and we really like your composition with the slightly yellow straws in front, and the rest almost black and white.
    Great job on this one Frida!

  7. I like the snow all over the trees.

  8. What a wonderful winter scene…I love the frosted trees!

  9. A stunning photo. I like that the cattails are the splash of color.

  10. I would also like me skiing, very nice composition

  11. Really nice indeed. Love the detail the sky is exposed correctly too. Nice work.

  12. I must agree with John on this one this is a beautiful shot is that a skie slop at the bottom ?

  13. This is one of the most beautiful winter landscape images I have seen this season. Lovely composition, great view and stunning trees.

  14. bonsoir,
    Nice composition..Beautiful tones..Bravo!

  15. Beautiful shot Frida… A nice winter scenic. 🙂

  16. ooo…lovelY!

  17. this is beautiful
    love the soft tones

  18. I don\'t know, that looks pretty white and wintery to me. I love the look of the trees.

  19. Wonderfull winterscenery, well done!

  20. Oh, I used to love to go sledding. Our favorite place was called suicide hill. We didn\'t use sleds on it, but pieces of cardboard. We sat on them and linked arms. It was solid ice. Love the capture.

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