Through the windshield


A Moose family of three were on a afternoon stroll and had to get to the other side of the road. I’m glad we were sitting in the car and that we saw them before they crossed the road.

  1. Dom är så otroligt pampiga älgarna och jag blir glad varje gång jag träffar nån, även om det är i min egen trädgård!

  2. Underbara älgar. Så fint att du kunde ta den här bilden från bilen!

  3. Riktigt fnt! Påminner mig om när jag var kanske 10 meter ifrån en älg som var på väg upp på vägen, han verkade inte bry sig om lilla mig:)

  4. Beautiful animals! Lucky for you to be there, and lucky you didn\'t get in their way! 🙂

  5. Terrific you had the camera ready! Such a fine looking animal – I hope this family finds plentiful winter food in the forest.

  6. He looks guilty, somehow! 🙂 Very good!

  7. I\'m with BoB… WOW! That\'s a great photo Frida. You\'re so close. Nice photo work Frida. 🙂

  8. wow great find

  9. Great moment – and it`s so good that you and your car must not make the \"moose test\".

  10. That do move quickly for such a large beast. I like the expression on her face.

  11. lovely image
    but i hope it will never really go \'through the windshield\'…

  12. I\'m impressed with how close you were and the fine picture you came away with. Very well done.

  13. WOW! Fantastic capture. Am glad you saw them..before they jumped out and hit you. Gorgeous animal!!!

  14. Wonderful capture Frida! This animal has always made me smile, the way the strode along majestically with their heads held high. To bad they\'re kinda rare these days – at least that\'s my impression.

  15. Åh de är ju så mäktiga och fina! Tyvärr är det sällan man får se dem nuförtiden. Tycker att vi oftare stötte på dem när jag var liten.

  16. Awesome capture Frida:-)

  17. Moose amaze me, Frida. They\'re so BIG. I have seen them just a couple times in my life and I\'ll never forget them! Lucky you for getting such a clear, up-close-and-personal shot!

  18. A wonderful experience and what a great shot…through the windshield and such clarity.

  19. this is a breath taking encounter!

  20. Now this is what I call a big animal, and a lot of tasty meat 😉

  21. What a beauty. Yes, I have seen the result of accidents and the devestation as they are so large.

    A terrific photograph, bravo

  22. Wonderfull capture. Superb detail. Well done!

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