Labyrinth of wood

  1. Beautiful, you have a way with wood – this is emblematic of a topographical map!

  2. Love the textures and abstract patterns. Very painterly!

  3. Stunning textures and colors. Interesting carving. Like the way you filled the frame on this shot.

  4. Great detail! Looks like a maze to me!

  5. I wonder is this displayed in public? It\'s quite a work of art.

  6. Yes, I see exactly what Ginnie means. This is a superbly observed textural shot

  7. This reminds me of those wooden jigsaw puzzles, Frida, without the pieces yet inserted. It\'s Nature\'s puzzle!

  8. perfect title, great find

  9. I like the abstract nature you\'ve found here Frida 🙂

  10. What a cool texture you have created here!

  11. To comment on yz\'s comment, I think it\'s human work. The edges are too defined to be natural, no? Interesting textures and patterns. Lovely colrs, too.

    I think it’s the work of the carpenter ants. Because this is under the trees bark and there are lots of signs after the ants. And the woodpeckers work all over the tree.
    But I’m not 100% sure.

  12. very interesting, i can\'t decide whether this carving is human work or done by nature

  13. Very interesting I found myself looking for this for a long time to see things hidden in there great shot !

  14. Wonderfull, well noted!

  15. Incredible patterns. A person could imagine seeing so many different things in this. One is a rabbit:-)

  16. Nicely spotted! A little village secretly built under the bark. Like an old Roman ruin.

  17. Men gud vilken häftig bild! Lockar min fantasi att se allt möjligt i den.

  18. looks a cross section in a documentary film!

  19. Very interesting .. the image leaves itself open to interpretation.

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