Winter dormancy

Winter dormancy
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  1. Good shot and great PP.
    Your light and tone controlis very ok.

  2. Beauty in a world that will soon be thawing.

  3. I love the tones and compo…GREAT WINTER SHOT!

  4. very nice indeed, i like the toning.

  5. Beautiful composition Frida. Lovely tones for this image, really makes the details stand out against the pure white snow. Great job on this one.

  6. Wonderful warm tones and textures. Love the composition.

  7. looking for warm days. beautiful tones

  8. Nice shot, I like the sepia tone … on my opinion it could beal little bit darker.

  9. love the mood

  10. Cool old world photo treatment with the sepia.

  11. Yes, the life preserver is great. I guess this is an old boat house? Nice capture and I like the sepia tone.

  12. I don\'t think the brown tones works so well here, a scene filled with snow should look a little colder.

  13. So pretty, Frida. That life preserver was very unexpected.

  14. I love the treatment you gave this photo fantastic tone !!

  15. Awesome … ! Superb composition. Excellent choise of monotone colors. Congrats

  16. Stunning and awesome. Wow. Your photos are always so incredible.

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