Under Lock and Key

Lock and Key
  1. I love the simplicity of this Frida and the symbolism is exceptionally well done too.

  2. Interesting and mysterious – what could be behind this mysterious latch?! The sepia and shadow adds an allure to the photograph.

  3. nice details!

  4. Excellent shot Frida, wonderfull toning and contrasts

  5. Excellent work the overall colour tone is superb !!

  6. Nice color tone here!

  7. I ike your processing here.

  8. A very ornate lock and key at that, Frida! Very nicely presented.

  9. Very nice capture Frida. Nice exposure, detail, and composition. 🙂

  10. It\'s nice how the shadow kinda completes the figure the handle makes!

  11. It\'s interesting to see how old this door is, makes me wonder how many people have pulled back this bolt

  12. Fantastic detail and processing. WOW!

  13. I love detail captures like this. The sepia gives it even more age than I imagine it has.

  14. The tones and shadow say it all in this shot. Fascinating composition and excellent work!

  15. I like the form of the shadow. It\'s a very nice particular.

  16. Very nice closeup, with interesting detail. The lighting and shading almost makes the latch look like it is have the same stone as the background. And I just noticed the shadow as well. Very musical.

  17. Very nice. My WW entry is up too.

  18. The latch combined with the curling shadow really gives this very good lines.

  19. A fine close up of this interesting latch and key. I like the sharp detail right down to the staples embedded in the surround wood. The toning adds to its appeal.

  20. Fin knorr i dubbel uppsättning 🙂

  21. Lovely — the shadow, the colors, and the cropping are terrific.

  22. Yes, great capture with the shadow. Like the groove the slider has worn into the stone(?) to the right of the mechanism.

  23. Lovely, love the shadow of the lock. Well done!

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