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  1. Brrr! That must be cold, but beautiful sight – love the coloring of the mallards and the contrast with the water/ice.

  2. This is a stunning photograph. They seem to be withstanding the cold very well.

  3. Nice capture. The first duck(the one that is up inthe photo) Has a nice shade of green.

  4. I\'m late to visit this one. Not much to add to above. Very painterly.

  5. the left duck does not seem convinced to enter into water. great capt

  6. Lovely colors and great capture of the ducks.

  7. Cool capture Frida – I\'ve always loved ducks, how they quack about. Lets hope they don\'t get cold feet. Like the light in this capture.

  8. I think they actually like the cold, Frida!

  9. Excellent shot but I swear I don\'t know how they stand the cold. Superb detail and color. They look so comfortable with you, you must have been very calm. Very, very nice.

  10. wow! what a capture! This is a priceless moment!

  11. Beautiful capture and I just love your title.

  12. So cute! Love the sharp details and the colours. Brautiful shot!

  13. Beautifull composition

  14. The water surface looks cool

  15. Bonsoir,
    Very nice composition..Great exposure and sharpness..Bravo!

  16. wow, such a cheerful image, beautiful
    love the water colour

  17. Such clarity and sharpness, love the one so delicately stepping to the edge. Beautiful colors and tones, excellent water effect.

  18. WOW! excellent shot clear and colourfull noyt to mention that water looks very cold 🙂

  19. who would want to be a duck in thais weather? 🙂

    very nice shot

  20. Very different with the color of the water (or land beneath) Very nice.

  21. Well done, kind of funny it looks like he\'s thinking \"this looks cold …\"

  22. WOW! Love the colors of the reflections in the water. Almost a moire\' effect. Beautiful!!!

  23. Interesting colours and reflections in this shot. It looks like a painting!

  24. Ha ha You captured the feeling with your title, so perfectly. A wonderful photograph even those Daphne duck seems a little reluctant to join Davey duck in the water!

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