Destruction or Art?


The title is provocative to make the onlooker think. There are a lot of good Graffiti out there, this is not one of them. But if one think about it, every “painting” is on another person’s property. I don’t make any judgements it just made me think.

  1. I think over the years it now has it\'s place in society, in the streets and art galleries. Let\'s put it this way, if this was just one plain colour with nothing on it, maybe you wouldn\'t have stopped to photograph is. Or maybe I\'m wrong 🙂

  2. There is an art form to graffiti such as this – it\'s amazing how, no matter the language, it all seems to communicate the same thing.

  3. Great find!! Without all the \'art\' and would be nothing at all. At least it adds to it..makes it something \'more\'.

  4. I think it\'s better than some, but I tend to like organized graffiti art displays. I always dislike gang
    related \"signing.\"

  5. La nitidez es extraordinaria, los colores magnificos, una gran composición, la fotografia es excelente. Saludos!

  6. Hmmm, I\'ll withhold judgment on whether this is art or vandalism – but I do like the photo!. Also, funny how one of them spray-painted a copyright on their tag.

  7. well, at least this is the \'folk art\' of today 🙂

  8. I agree with \'Claus\', it\'s not the best graffiti, but realy vibrant colors. Well done Frida!

  9. OUI ………………
    Il faudrait des murs pour les artistes !!!!!!!! ************************

  10. I think it\'s cool! This is a very logical consequence of the repression that most individuals go through in the process of becoming \"normal\". acceptable social entities, and hence lose all of their individuality by constantly trying to suppress and repress their natural urges and feelings and emotions because they\'ve been told that they\'re bad, evil, undesirable, or whatever.

    Look at it this way – in most cases such psychological repression exhibits itself in many other avenues and forms and manifestations – from anger to sociopathic behaviour – and at least some people are letting go of it creatively! 🙂

  11. Don\'t even get me started on the vandalism of so called bored youth…… Street art is very different from graffiti, and it has it\'s place, but mindless vandalism….argghhh!!!

  12. Not the best graffiti I have ever seen, but the image has some really punchy colors!

  13. I would place this in the category of ‘annoying scribbling’. However, I have seen beautiful spray paintings of very talented street artists, which to me enrich our environment (see ‘street art’ in the archive of my photoblog).

  14. In this case I say, destruction. (They aren\'t very good:-) In reality it\'s all destruction, but some graffiti artists are so good I wish they had an outlet for their talent. You came away with a vividly colored image:-)

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