Inside the joy of spring I

  1. gorgeous, so soft and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful insight to the detail of the flower.

  3. Awesome macro shot … well done!

  4. what an elegant close-up, beautiful colours

  5. It\'s like a luscious fruit to be eaten, Frida!

  6. This is a delightful and fascinating image. Great work!

  7. This is a beauty Frida, it\'s the inside of a crocus isn\'t it?

  8. I like the colors!

  9. Spring has sprung right? Love the detail.

  10. Stunning Macro! Beautiful vibrant colours!

  11. Love the bold color enveloped in the white.

  12. i feel like i am a little bee 🙂
    great macro!

  13. Such exquisite color and detail. WOW!

  14. lovely!!!

  15. like the soft touch … and good spring is comming

  16. So beautifully delicate and ornate. A gorgeous image

  17. superb colors, so soft , great shot !!

  18. wonderful macro!

  19. Beautiful crocus. In my garden they are all now disappeared.

  20. Nature with Her amazing colours such a beautiful flower this is a great macro !:)

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