1. Bright vibrant symbol of spring vs. winter – I also like the macro closeness to see the unique characteristics of the snow flake edges.

  2. Crocus early in the spring, sometimes stands in snow, poor thing.

    I\'ve only seen the yellow variety in imags. So beautiful. I like the yellow better than the violet.

  3. Soon Frida, soon… 🙂

  4. A sure sign that spring is near. Thank goodness.

  5. The power of nature well captured here!

  6. The seasons clash!

  7. Almost spring! A few more days!

  8. Fantastic – such an usual shot (love your title), but just beautifully detailed. And the green diagonals shooting off left of frame balance it well. Bravo.

  9. Beautiful! I really like the great details in the snow. Nice colors!

  10. Seems crocus, of course, but yellow? So nice the detaill of the snow little stars over the flower.

  11. Overpowered by the forces of nature, though the beauty still lingers. Beautifully observed

  12. I suggest a crocus – not a tulip. Poor crocus.

  13. poor cold tulip …

  14. Great shot! very detailed, i\'m not so for the composition, but it\'s always difficult when you make a closeup/macro shot. Well done!

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