The Bridge revisited

the bridge
  1. Such a beautiful winter setting Frida. You photographed this from such a nice angle. It shows so much detail throughout. 🙂

  2. I love everything about this photograph, from composition to lighting. Stunning on all levels

  3. i love these big stones and the warm light over them. makes me think to the nice walk over the bridge!

  4. Excellent lighting over the bridge. A good angle to shot.

  5. Did you see the troll thats living under this bridge? 😉

  6. Una maravilla de fotografia, y un excelente encuadre. Saludos!

  7. What a thrilling world you have been photographing! Love the balance of shadow under the bridge and warm soft light illuminating the outer stonework.

  8. You\'ve painted it with your photo:-) This is stunning.

  9. very beautiful; seems quite dreamlike.

  10. Nice..It looks so epic. I like the shadow of that tree painted on the bridge

  11. what a nice and relaxing scene, beautiful colours

  12. Oooh a lovely bridge. You\'ve still got snow and ice. Here everything is kinda spring\'ish. Love the light Frida.

  13. I love bridges like this. We have a few here in the states. The architectural style is so pretty and so amazing. I often wonder how they stand. Your capture is superb.

  14. Ohhhh. It makes you not care a bit about winter anymore, Frida, and how long it might stay! The bridge loves it!

  15. Nice soft lighting on this. Love the stone work, despite the weight it looks rather light.

  16. Stunning color. Love the texture in the stone..the composition.

  17. This is such a picturesque bridge sitting in the snow and ice. Wonderful angle and great lighting!

  18. Wonderfull, excelllent framing. Well done!

  19. snow snow snow

  20. Nice pictures on your blog. Congratulations,


    PS: I also like your Pixelpost template. Which are you using ?

  21. wow, what a splendid view, looks like a scene from a fairy tale

  22. It looks beautiful dreamy this old bridge.

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