The secret within II

Secret within II
  1. Wow. Superläcker

  2. Fantastic series – I\'m not normally a flow kind of guy, but these are beautiful and illustrated in a way I have never seen. I\'m thinking Georgia O\'Keeffe might just be rolling over in her grave at the thought of someone surpassing her creativity! Very nice Frida.

  3. amazing macro shot

  4. Another macro rich of colors and details!

  5. Dina secret within bilder är helt fantastiska!

  6. Immensely beautiful, such vibrant capture of the details. Textural bliss

  7. It must be pollen…right? Such incredible detail and the colors are magnificent.

  8. I think you show us what a good macro photographer you are. Beautiful work!

  9. Good use of light to accent the detail and very punchy!

  10. gosh, so dramatic…really nice!

  11. A marvelous close up with such minute detail! Gorgeous color completes the shot. Beautifully done.

  12. This is really an extreme close-up you have all the little details beautifully.

  13. Wonderfull, stunning details very crispy … vibrant colors. Perfect! An absolute masterpiece. Have a nice weekend!

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