The secret within III

Secret within III

The last in this series. The secret within….. a tulip.

  1. Nu blir jag snart knäpp!! Fantastiska macron, och övriga bilder oxå. Känner dreglet rinna i mungipan 😉
    Jag ÄLSKAR att hitta sidor som faktiskt gör mig lite avundsjuk (ler)
    Får man fråga vad du har för utrustning till de små underverken?

  2. Beautiful light and textures. Wow, makes me want to get inside the frame and explore the delicacy of the scene.

  3. It seems to be the head of an awful mutant snail !

  4. Stunning macro & terrific bold color.

  5. What great DOF

  6. Wow, an incredible close up. Beautiful!

  7. beautiful macro!!! very well taken

  8. Amazing shot!
    Perfect choice for the theme 🙂

  9. I think I can smell the beautiful flower. Great details.

  10. This closer-than-close shot is remarkable for its detail and fine colors. A superb macro shot!

  11. Exceptional macro! An amazing shot…it makes one feel they have taken a trip inside of this tulip! Bravo to you 🙂

  12. Bra tolkat, bra fångat på bild.. tyvärr ligger det en del skräp ute där det inte hör hemma..
    Ha de fint/Pialotta

  13. woua amazing tulip, macro, very very good work

  14. I\'m speechless! Great detail and fantastic colours!

  15. amazing! you open a whole new world

  16. Wow, that\'s fantastic!

  17. Nice colors on this Frida. The contrast between the purple pestles and the yellow stamen is wonderful.

  18. Wow… what amazing macro u have here. Its perfect. I love it!

  19. This is Super Gorgeous!! 🙂

  20. Aaaaaah, en till och en ännu ljuvligare! Gud så fin bild, helt enkelt magnifik!!!

  21. Hihi, jag behöver inte säga något, du vet redan att jag sitter här och tittar fullständigt fashinerad på ljuvliga macroblomman. Kram!

  22. Great close-up, beautiful pov and colours

  23. Wordless … so sharp and vivid colors. Congrats Frida!

  24. This is absolutely a stunning and beautiful macro shot. The lighting is perfect and so is the selective focus. Excellent composition.

  25. Absolutely stunning detail and clarity, Beautifully observed

  26. Nice detail and colors. Love the use of DOF.

  27. Wow, what a view! Amazing macro shot with lovely colours and lights! Congratulations!

  28. It\'s like it\'s under the microscope, Frida!

  29. This is beautiful Frida. It is framed perfect, and the sharpness is amazing. Nicely done. 🙂

  30. Love the blend of colors in this one, and the details and focus is just spot on! Great shot!

  31. Perfect title…and amazing mzcro. Who\'d of thought there was such color and detail hidden??

  32. Your photo series ‘the secret within…’ gives fascinating insights into the innards of a tulip flower. Really great work!

  33. Love the splendid colors in this. The deep purples in this are especially nice.

  34. Bonsoir,
    Great DOF..Wonderful composition..Good work!..Bravo!

  35. Very impressive. The range of tones and colours are astounding. You hit the sharpness just right. Well done.

  36. the colors are amaizing, great great shot !!

  37. Wonderful the detaill on this macro shot. So beautiful deep view also. Well done…

  38. I mitt tycke den bästa av denna serie, gillar det mörka i bilden…
    Känns som inspirationen är på väg tillbaka tillsammans med våren och att det börjar lungna ner sig lite på jobbet.. skruvar nog på macrolinse i helgen 😉

  39. WOW! and WOW! again this is an incredible shot the colours are just amazing GREAT WORK !!

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