The secret within…

Secret within
  1. Delicious. If one could inhale beauty, this would be it.

  2. fantastic macro
    it looks bigger than lifesize rendering

  3. Hi Frida…I apologize for less visits on your blog recently! About my last shot…yes, it is a crocus…and great macro here also, with wonderful colors and compo 🙂

  4. So vivid, so pretty. Looks like sugar sprinkled on top. I\'m guessing it\'s pollen?

  5. Only Nature, Frida, only Nature! It teaches us everything we need to know.

  6. Excellent macro! I like the combination of colours, composition and that the DOF is on the right spot.

  7. So graphic and detailed. Wonderfully observed

  8. Beautiful color and detail Frida… 🙂

  9. How beautiful! Wonderful colors and great detail!

  10. sweet macro; love the colour.

  11. Breath-takingly beautiful! these oolors!

  12. wow! very beautiful!

  13. Fantastisk bild, härlig sprakande energi i färgerna! Skulle göra sig galet snygg som tavla ju. Kraaaam.

  14. I like this colorful close up of these flowers. The sharp, narrow plane of focus gives them a special look. Well done.

  15. Wonderfull, really vibrant colors, stunning detail. Well done!

  16. Fantastic close-up with lots of interesting, fine details. Great work!

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