…and old. But still beautiful. Details seen at a Folk Museum in Mariefred, Sweden. In Mariefred you also can find the beautiful Gripsholms Castle.

  1. Så sant, old but still beautiful!

  2. Great collection, nice captured!

  3. Options for a new house?

  4. Great find and capture Frida. This person is definitely well organized. Excellent framing and lovely colors and tones.

  5. Amazing capture…like pieced of a puzzle, waiting to be put back togeether.

  6. intressant tolkning. måste besöka gripsholms slott igen. jag fotade ett bröllop där i närheten för ett par år sen men har inte varit där sen dess. 😛

  7. It\'s interesting to see broken decorative items preserved and made available for inspection. A fine shot.

  8. Great shot … don\'t want to glue it all back together … well done!

  9. nice framing

  10. by preserving them this way it\'s easy to make moulds to recreate them in the future. very nice to see.

  11. Very nice collection, great framing

  12. Wonderful collection of beautiful things that are equally beautiful broken. Very creative!

  13. Well composed shot of an interesting subject matter. Very nice.

  14. I love crown molding, chair rail, and such as this. Must have been amazing to see it for real. Your image is lovely.

  15. For all we knew, Frida, it could have been in Rome, Italy!

  16. A beautiful picture of broken things!

  17. This is quite the capture. Those pieces are such valuable works of art.

  18. What an interesting shot Frida! Someone\'s catalog of old plaster moldings? Sealed behind a bit of Plexiglas – so is this in a museum? Nice find.

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