Admiring The One

The One
  1. Cool car

  2. They chose a very cool color for the restoration. Cool shot.

  3. Beautiful design and an ageless beauty.
    Now, let\'s go for a spin!

  4. Cool old car. It\'s interesting how overtly \"technical\" they were with the pipes showing, etc., but with a really thought-out sense of style

  5. Is this your dad again? Funny to see these old cars all decked out and restored in Sweden. I always think of this as an American phenomenon.

  6. Wonderfull capture Frida, it must be fun to walk between all these old/retro cars …

  7. interesting car

  8. Hope it doesn\'t rain, as that car\'s missing it\'s bonnet! The man hours that must have gone into building that beastie. A terrific shot

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