A bit of the last ice on Lake Mälaren


Image from today; tomorrow the ice will be gone.

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  1. Ah, du är så duktig med kameran att jag hittar inte ord!

  2. Like cristal – A beautiful composition.

  3. Beautiful fluid textures!

  4. Fantastic abstract. It\'s as smooth as glass.

  5. It looks so anstract, cool

  6. What a nice sculptural finish you got on the ice, great work!

  7. I would have guessed crystal. This is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Amazing. Looks metallic. Well seen/captured.

  9. This makes a fantastic abstract besides showing the ice! At first glance I thought it was a hood ornament! (guy thinking!) 😉 A beautiful image.

  10. Exquisite detail!!

  11. Brilliant abstract image. Love the thick liquid effect here. Excellent processing, great clarity and tones.

  12. wonderful detail and chrome fluidity; lovely.

  13. this is fantastic!
    looks like melted metal

  14. Amazing structures … well captured

  15. And here I thought it was the mercurial \"masthead\" on a car, Frida! 🙂

  16. Beautiful detail and light. A fabulous capture

  17. Really beautiful abstract, full of lights and interesting colors! Well done!

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