Still ice on the lake

Ice on the lake

Despite the sunny warm weather this weekend, the ice on Lake Mälaren is still intact. It will need a few more days with warm winds and sunshine.

  1. Nice and peacefull. Awesome composition!!
    P.s. Thanks for the comment on my website, really appreciate it:)

  2. Vilket härligt vinterväder.
    Tack för din kommentar 🙂

    mvh Maria

  3. I think our ice is a little thinner, but there is still plenty of it. That dock has seen better days. Nice shot.

  4. Lovely composition – glad this scene will soon be \'warming\' up!

  5. In the meantime it makes for a wonderful scene in the excellent composition. Nicely done.

  6. Super view Frida 🙂

  7. Winter is hanging on here as well (Spain)! The lake looks beautiful though.

  8. It\'s like Winter is still hanging on for dear life, Frida. We had temps in the low 70s today here in Atlanta but there is supposed to be snow tonight in our Georgia mountains! That\'s unbelievable to me.

  9. Peaceful and relaxing, but maybe a bit cold 🙂
    The light is very good! Nice scenery.

  10. Beautiful place, the crisp blue of the sky is a nice contrast to the green of the tree! Nice shot!

  11. Wonderfull, and I who thought spring was started … excellent framing. Is this your place?

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